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Wall Tile Installation - Substrate Preparation: Trademark Tiling

Wall tile installation and the importance of substrate preparation


At Trademark Tiling, we are committed to achieving perfect wall tile installation. Todd and the team can produce millimetre perfect results through the correct preparation of the underlying substrate.

Wall tile installation and the importance of proper substrate preparation

The crux of it is, different tiles require different levels of substrate preparation.

As a direct result, you have to choose your tile before we even pick up our tools. If you need assistance in choosing a tile for your kitchen splashback or other tiling project, check out this blog post on how to choose tiles.

Why is tile choice so important?

When using a small mosaic tile, the wall (also known as the underlying substrate), has to be absolutely perfect and free of imperfections. Otherwise the mosaic tiles will show the imperfections of the wall. This can result in an uneven look and a lasting negative impact on the overall aesthetic of your wall tile installation.

Using a larger format 300mm x 600mm tile can be more forgiving. The wall doesn’t have to be in great condition and this reduces the time put into substrate preparation. Each tile can be laid individually using the tile adhesive to build the tile out. This careful process allows for the imperfections of the underlying substrate and results in a perfect job.

How we prepare the substrate for wall tile installation

First of all, we make sure the surface is robust and strong enough to carry the load of tiles, adhesive and grout. Secondly, we make the surface as level as possible while ridding the wall of imperfections. Finally we make sure the wall is free of water, grease and dust.

That’s why it is a must to have all tiles picked out before the commencement of any job.

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