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Silicone sealant and tiling - Trademark Tiling

Our advice on silicone sealant


At Trademark Tiling, we use the highest quality materials and silicone sealant. When it comes to your brand new kitchen splashback or bathroom and shower rejuvenation project, you can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart.

We will only ever use a compatible combination of tile and silicone sealant. Certain silicone sealants adhere more quickly and to particular surfaces. Some silicones cure differently to others. We’ve got you covered and can guide you on what will work best for your project.

Acetoxy cure silicones

Like the name suggests, this silicone sealant gives off a strong strong vinegar odour. That’s because acetic acid is released while acetoxy silicones cure. Acetoxy cure silicones are best used in wet areas and usually cure within 24 hours.

However, the acetic acid that’s released while the silicone sealant cures can be corrosive, but only to certain metals and surfaces. Acetoxy cure silicones can be used for bathrooms, bathtubs and shower waterproofing. They can also be used for sealing your kitchen tiling and bench top.

The expert team at Trademark Tiling will make sure any metal window frames and metal door frames are not impacted during your kitchen splashback installation project. It takes the steady hand of a professional to apply acetoxy cure silicones, so as to not discolour various hard surfaces in your home.

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Neutral cure silicones

Are commonly used for weatherproofing purposes such as sealing roofing and flashes. Neutral cure silicones are more superior when it comes to adhesion, so also serve their purpose in the interior of your home.

If your tiling project is more delicate than usual, Trademark Tiling will favour neutral cure silicones to do the job. Particularly if electrical wiring is close by. Once again, this type of silicone sealant can be used in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Furthermore these silicone sealants cure without odour and do not give off acidic substances. Some give off low concentrations of alcohol or acetone.

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We hope you’re now all clued up on silicone sealants. You’re welcome to contact us with any enquiries.