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Leaking Shower Floor Perth: Trademark Tiling

What is the best way to prevent shower water from leaking on the bathroom floor?


As a tiler, we find the best way to prevent shower water from leaking on the bathroom floor is to make sure your shower tiles are not broken, grout has no pin holes and sealant has been correctly applied. A leaking shower floor is not only a pain to clean up after each shower, but is also a genuine safety hazard.

Leaking Shower Floor: Trademark Tiling

Todd and the team at Trademark Tiling are happy to fix your leaking shower floor and provide you with some post-installation maintenance tips. Speaking of tips, the advice below can help you identify if you’re ready for our shower rejuvenation service.

How can I tell if a tile is causing my shower to leak?

This is usually pretty obvious and can be the cause of your leaking shower floor. If any tiles have substantial cracks in them like the example below, it’s safe to say this is the cause of your issues.

Furthermore, cracked tiles are not just limited to your shower floor, your shower wall tiles can also crack. If your shower tiles look like the example above, make sure you contact us today to have your shower fixed.

How can I tell if the grout in my shower has pin holes?

Grout pinholes are much less obvious and way harder to spot compared to cracked tiles. The example below is bigger than a pinhole (2mm in size) but shows how something so small can create a leaking shower floor:

Shower Grout Pin Holes: Trademark Tiling

We can help you with fixing grout pin holes and all forms of bathroom rescue. Quality shower waterproofing Perth locals can turn to for peace of mind.

How can I tell if sealant has been incorrectly applied?

Not only will you be experiencing a leaking shower floor, you may also notice mold growing underneath the sealant.

Shower Mold: Trademark Tiling

We can help you! Not only will we remove the old sealant and mold, we will reseal your shower to prevent a leaking shower floor from happening again.

We use quality silicone sealants and will choose one that best suits your needs.

Contact us to fix your leaking shower floor

Contact us today for all your shower rejuvenation needs. Trademark Tiling: bathroom repairs Perth homeowners can turn to for a quick turnaround and quality outcomes.