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What is a Splashback: Trademark Tiling

What is a splashback?


We find a lot of our existing and prospective clients ask us for kitchen tiling. Little do they know, they’re actually looking for kitchen splashback tiling. Then the usual question comes up, “What is a splashback?”

So in order to clear up any confusion, allow us to answer your questions on what a splashback is. We will also guide you on how a brand new tiled kitchen splashback can improve the overall look to your kitchen.

What is a splashback?

Splashback is actually defined on Google as a panel behind a sink or cooker that protects the wall from splashes.

Cooking can create a mess, whether it’s an accidental slip of the spatula or Nonna’s delicious tomato sauce simmering away on the cooktop.

What is a Splashback? Trademark Tiling

Covering the wall behind a cooker or sink with a slippery surface that can be easily wiped clean is where we step in.

Splashback ideas

There are different ways in which you can protect your kitchen wall from cooking splashes, spits of oil and the like. Trademark Tiling focus their expertise on tiled kitchen splashbacks.

The example below answers the question “what is a splashback?” and shows how we recently completed a kitchen splashback that is split by a window. This splashback covers the wall behind the cooker and a wall to the right of the sink:

What is a Splashback: Trademark Tiling

What is a Splashback: Trademark Tiling

We were stoked to work on this project as it was a little bit different to a standard splashback tiling job. In this instance, we fitted stone cladding to a splashback wall instead of standard tiles. We encourage you to be creative when discussing your splashback ideas with us as these unique features can improve the look to the heart of your home: the kitchen! We’ve done mosaic tiles, 300 x 600 wall tiles, Moroccan tiles and more.

If you have questions other than “what is a splashback?” contact Trademark Tiling today

Contact us today for advice on splashbacks and creative ways to add some more creativity to your home. You can count on us for exceptional customer service and millimetre perfect splashback tile installation.