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Bathroom Rescue and Rejuvenation

Trademark Tiling offer effective solutions for bathroom repairs Perth homeowners can rely on. If you’re not looking to undertake a full scale renovation, our Rescue & Rejuvenate services can extend the longevity of your bathroom as well as give it a fresh updated look, whilst being less disruptive, time consuming and costly.

Shower Waterproofing Perth

Is your shower leaking? Do you notice puddles on the bathroom floor after you take a shower? Or even worse, have you noticed damp bubbling in the paint work on the rear walls outside of your bathroom?

The bad news is, you are likely to have a waterproofing issue. The good news is, Trademark Tiling Rescue & Rejuvenation service may be able to assist with adding years of life to your bathroom without a costly full scale renovation.

Trademark Tiling devise effective solutions for shower waterproofing Perth clients can rely on.

Leaking Shower Perth

Todd at Trademark Tiling will examine the floor and wall tiles in your shower to identify the source of the leak and determine a targeted solution to extend the life of your bathroom.

A lot of the time, these leaks are caused by a faulty waterproof membrane leading to missing sections of grout. Removing the old grout and silicon, applying fresh epoxy grout and re-siliconing all intersecting tile joints, will add additional years of life to your shower area.

Contact us today for shower waterproofing Perth.

Bathroom and Shower Rejuvenation

Is your shower looking old and dated? Are you embarrassed about the dirty grout each time you entertain guests? Is the shower screen looking more translucent than transparent? It’s time to engage Trademark Tiling.

Trademark Tiling offer ‘shower rejuvenation’ solutions and bathroom repairs Perth locals can rely on. Give your shower a new lease on life at a fraction of the cost you’d pay to renovate.

We can replace the tiles and work with a glazier to install a new shower screen.

Making use of what you’ve got is a budget friendly option and we can often complete a shower rejuvenation in as little as 24-48 hours, compared to a renovation which might take weeks to achieve. A shower rejuvenation means less dust and disruption.

Bathroom Repairs Perth

Again, if a full scale renovation is superfluous to your needs, we can work with your current bathroom layout. This can range from removing old grout with new epoxy grout, re-tiling over existing tiles, replacing entire shower areas, and cutting in new drains that makes use of the existing plumbing.

Contact us today for quick bathroom repairs Perth clients can depend on.

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