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Trademark Tiling: Advice on Tiles and Grout Colours

Advice on Grout Colours and Tiles


It takes a talented eye to choose the right tiles and grout colours. Here are our tips to guide you on what grout colours and tiles are best suited for different uses.

A. Grout colours and maintenance

Choosing and matching grout colours.

Grout discolours over time and depending on the environment. For instance, white grout on a kitchen splashback or high traffic area is often not a good idea as spices, oils and cooking materials may cause it to become yellow or darker so it may be best to start with a slighter darker grout so the discolouration will be less stark. Conversely, a dark grout on a shower or bathroom floor will normally show soap scum. Therefore even if a darker grout is used, a slightly lighter grout may make inevitable white discolouration less obvious.

Talk to Trademark Tiling about grout colours and tiles when performing a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation. 

B. Cleaning grout

The only way to properly ‘clean’ grout is to completely remove the existing grout and reinstall new grout. 

Bleach can be very damaging to use to clean grout or silicone (which is used along edges for sealing and waterproofing purpose) as it can damage or compromise the structural integrity of the grout.

Epoxy grout contains both a standard grout mix plus an additional hardening agent which sets like a resin rather than a grout. Therefore, it is significantly less porous, and repels dirt and water. While grout is usually around $20 for kilograms, epoxy grout can be $120. As it significantly more labour intensive to install, factor in more material and labour costs.

We hope you’re now informed on how to choose the right tiles and grout colours. If you require any further guidance on choosing grout colours and tiles, please contact us.